Thought Of The Day

Curriculum and Pedagogy

At the Ramanujan Schools, we continuously evolve our curriculum (The Ramanujan Precept) and teaching methodology to establish a platform for success for all our pupils. The school follows the curriculum that is in line with the current and future requirements of the students to cope up with the expectations of the world. We provide an education system which is a perfect amalgamation of the modern teaching aids and traditional value system. 
Referring broadly to the theory and practice of education and how it is influencing the growth of learners, pedagogy is taken as an academic discipline in the school. Proper focus is laid on how the knowledge and skills are being exchanged in an educational context between the teacher and the taught. It is kept in mind while imparting education, the variety of different social, political, cultural contexts, that the mode of imparting is the most effective and unbiased one. Various teaching aids such as smart boards, language labs, smart classes other than the available traditional aids to education are used for enabling vivid and retainable understandings.
Ramanujan schools are known for – Discipline and Punctuality which has been the hallmark of the school since inception.